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Frequently Asked Questions...

Here you will find the answers to many of your questions...

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  • Are your bath bombs and other products suitable for dry skin/eczema/sensitive skin? None of our products include any harsh chemicals in them so they are all suitable for sensitive skin/dry skin/eczema. However, as everyone’s skin is different, if you do happen to get any irritation, rinse your skin straight away with clean water.

  • Are your bath bombs ok for pregnant ladies to use? We are told that pregnant ladies should avoid using products that include essential oils (can be found in some of our Cocoa Butter Bath Buns, Lavender EO bath bomb and some essential oil bath salts). Majority of our products are made using fragrance oils though. However, we always suggest you check with the doctor if you are still unsure.

  • What products do you recommend is best for sensitive/dry skin? We recommend our Cocoa Butter Bath Buns as they are full of butters and oils and they are lovely and moisturising for your skin. Some of our bath bombs such as “Pop Star” and “What Goes Around…” have cocoa butter drizzled on top of them so they would also be good for dry skin. However, all of our bath bombs include Sweet Almond Oil so they would all be lovely for your skin.

  • Which bath bombs change the bath colour and fizz and foam? All of our bath bombs are brilliant in the bath and they will all change the colour and fizz and foam. We always suggest bath bombs that include pink or purple if you want the bath to be a nice, bright colour, as they will make the best colours in the bath. If you run the tap water once you have put your bath bomb in, that will create more bubbles too!

  • How are the Cocoa Butter Bath Buns different to Bath Bombs? Unlike our bath bombs, the Cocoa Butter Bath Buns just fizzes in the bath and doesn’t foam like a bath bomb would. Once you take it out of its pot and put it in the bath it will release all the butters and oils and make your skin lovely and soft! *We always let them know it could make the bath slippery so to be careful when stepping in and out of the bath when using a Cocoa Butter Bath Bun!*

  • What are the most popular perfume/aftershave products? E.T. Alien & Angelic for the perfume products and Aventuss for the men’s aftershave products.

  • What is the most popular fragrance for kids? Refresher!!! And Monkey Farts… (it does smell better than it sounds, honest!)

  • Which bath bombs don’t have glitter? None of our fruity bath bombs have glitter (such as Lemon & Blueberry, Strawberry & Banana) or the Men’s Aftershave bath bombs.

  • Which bath bombs contain surprises? All of our round bath bombs (apart from Double Bubbles with soap piping centre) should have a soap surprise inside. Some of our novelty bath bombs such as Shell bath bombs should also have a soap surprise inside.

  • What bath bombs DON’T have a soap surprise inside? None of our Swirls, Lollies or Double Bubble bath bombs have a soap surprise inside. And some of our Novelty bath bombs, such as Lips, Cars, Trucks and Cat.

  • What do the bath salts do? Our bath salts come in perfume, aftershave and essential oils. The perfume/aftershave fragrances include a foaming agent so they will create bubbles when sprinkled under the running tap water. The essential oil bath salts are kept natural as possible so they don’t include any foaming agent.

  • What benefits are in the bath salts? All of the bath salts include Epsom and Dead Sea Salts so they are perfect to relax with! They will help soothe any achey joints or muscles!

  • What do I do with your Angelic Delight shower/bath mousse? Our Angelic Delight is simply soap but in a whipped form. It works best when applied to a bath scrunchie as it will lather up lovely and make lots of bubbles. You will only need a pea-sized amount – a little goes a long way!

  • What do I do with your face masks? Which one do you recommend for my skin type? The face masks are one of the few things that we don’t actually make ourselves, however we have tried and tested them and we love them! You get a little pot of powder and it’s a case of adding water and making your own mix and then you wash the product from your face. There are 2 uses out of each pot and the instructions are on the inside of the lid. The recommended skin type is on the last line on the lid of the face mask.

  • How do I use the shower steamers? Our shower steamers should be placed away from direct spray or the steamer will simply fizz away and it will last two seconds. Instead, we suggest either putting it on the lip of the bath or inside the cubicle where it will get a light spray from the shower. The water and steam will then help release the aroma.

  • How do I use the sugar scrubs? The sugar scrubs are something else that we don’t make ourselves. They are really brilliant but harsh exfoliators so we always suggest wetting it and warming it up in your hands first before applying to your skin. They all include Cocoa Butter, so they will make your skin lovely and soft. They become easier on the skin after the first couple of uses.

  • Are the bath bombs one-use only? All of our bath bombs are typically for one use, however you could always break them up and have a number of baths out of them.

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